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Rector Zaynobiddinov Sirojiddin, doctor of chemical science, professor Contact telephone and the address:

129, University street, 710000, Andijan Tel.: (3742) 25-05-18 Fax: 25-05-09

Andijan State University is one of the oldest Universities of Uzbekistan. It plays a great role in preparing qualified specialists not only in our Republic but in Central Asia as well. This Institution was founded in 1931 as a branch of Fergana Pedagogical Institute & in 1939 it was changed into the Institute of Independent Teachers with evening department. Since 1992 this Institution is called University.

The University trains specialists on Bachelor degree in the following directions:

B460100 Mathematics
B480100 Practical malhematics & Computer science
B440100 Physics
B440400 Chemistry
B420100 Biology
B440500 Geography
B220100 Uzbek philology
B221000 History
B380100 Law
B340200 Economics (economist-teacher)
B141700 Vocational education
M141900 Physical training & physical culture
M142400 Pedagogics & psychology
M142000 Primary education & methods of upbringing
M140600 Drawing, pictural & practical art
M850200 Ecology & utilization of nature
Nowadays, there are 32 departments, 22 scientific laboratories for all 8 faculties as: phylology, history, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, pedagogics & physical training faculties. The University prepares specialists in the following fields: mathematics, practical mathematics, physics, professional education, chemistry & biology, history, law, Uzbek phylology, pedagogics & psychology, teachers of economics, geography, teachers of music, applied art & national handicraft, physical education, pedagogics & methods of elementary education. The University has its own material & technical basis, a building for 2500 students & sport complex.
here is a very comfortable fundamental library & 2 reading rooms for independent study of students. The whole fund of the library consists of 300000 books, printed in Russian, Arabic, Persian & others languages. All modem services are implemented by modern computer technology. In Andijan State University many scientific research works are carried out in the main fields of science. The Lyceum boarding school works for talented students.
     The University has a large 640-seat meeting hall, gymnasiums, tennis courts, football field, sports ground, running road, which give good possibilities for trainings & sport competitions. For improving the health of students the University has 100-place Health complex & its camp, called "Pedagog", located in a beautiful village Kamaychy of Hujaobod tuman. The students are given rooms for living in the hostel for 600 people. There is a canteen for 350 places, 20-persons cafe, 150-persons canteen of national meals, 120-persons canteen & buffet under the hostel, 100-persons canteen under the Health complex.

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